Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Where ESR-A Lives

Or part of it - What fits in the scanner.

ESR-A, Poubelle and GRRR-BIN all live in a "mixed use" neighbourhood on a residential / light industrial street. The view out the back of their home is of industrial buildings and a distant city scape. Their house is the one under the high tension power lines (the ULW radiation keeps their batteries charged). It is a small factory building or something like a railway switching tower. They live there in hiding, although only nominally so. ESR-A occasionally has to disguise himself, and they have to keep an eye out for Sanitation Department inspectors. The yard is littered with broken appliances. most neighbours are strangely blasé but there is at least one Mrs Kravitz they need to deal with from time to time. (Or, who was the nosey neighbour in My Favourite Martian???)

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