Thursday, June 14, 2007

Time to think about setting up our studio

A couple of weeks ago we stayed near Dick Blick's Art Supplies in New York City's Noho area. Best vacation in a while. Today, I was cruising Blick's site, thinking about the hand-ground oil paints I'd seen there (and lust after to this day), when I decided to look at easels.

These ones
really grabbed my attention. I will be building my own "his and her's"versions this summer. Look for photos by fall.

The second one is do-able.

(This is the one and only
time I have used an image that isn't my own on this site.)

Thursday, June 07, 2007

The Opening

Another painting from the show.
(Scarborough Pine trees with Berm)

Well... I can't claim the opening was any sort of a major social event. For all I know the only guests were Glen Downer, Lori Asaro and Vince Ng of Onland Navigation and Design, who graciously downed-tools and drove all the way downtown from Scarborough to see what Angela had got around to hanging. I hung around for a few moments after they left and then after a word or two with Angela, the curator I also left.

I was a little surprised by the relatively small space that ended up being 'appropriated' for the show, but, she hadn't been able to install the second bar for hanging pictures. Basically, I just took a bunch of paintings and the digital photo prints and told Angela to hang what she wanted and had room for. As it turned out the only painting hung was the double one on the Invite and the photos. AS the say, if you don't want to be disappointed, lower your expectations...My expectations were quite modest. Mostly, I'm pleased to have something new for my CV, and to keep
moving forward.