Sunday, July 02, 2006

The Second Fabriano Book is Finished

Book #2 is now full. Here are some drawings from that book which I hadn't posted before. (Ach, This layout is irritating.)

Coloured pencil. I went over this with a clear wax and polished the surface. and while it did enhance the colours, it also caused the wax in to coloured pencils to sort of "pill" and become muddier.

Coloured pencil.
They eventually fixed this flag by cutting off the torn panel.

Water soluble coloured pencil and water based markers (flouresent highlighter pens)

Pencil, pen, highlighting marker, white, yellow and blue Stabilo pencil.

Pencil, pen, highlighting marker

Pen, water soluble markers and black Sharpie.

Pencil, sepia brush pen, highlighting markers.

Gravity strings. pencil, coloured pencil, water soluble marker, pen