Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Langstaff, south parking lot

Looking east north-east towards the 407 and the hydro corridor. Brush pen.

twisty pole. I'll get the number later. It used to be something I made a point of doing for every drawing of a utility pole I made. Every pole has a number. Every pole has a name. Pen, coloured pencil and pencil.

Curbside Cement, but I misspelled the name on the sign. Maybe you won't notice. Don't look too closely. Pen and a little pencil and white coloured pencil.

Do check out this this slideshow to see all the pages of book 7 uploaded so far.

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

out and about shopping

the net over us

Pencil, pen, coloured pencil. Langstaff

Book 7

Shopping for X-mas trees

York Farmers' Market. The man who sold the trees was a malevolent God of tiny domesticated forest nymphs. Pen and brush pens

York Farmers' Market. The man who sold the trees as he appears to mortal eyes. Pen, brush pens and coloured pencils. And highlighter marker

Book 7

More from the RUSST Institute.

A wall and it's foot. Part of the Laura Secord store's partition. Pencil and coloured pencil.

Walking into the Institute at about 5:15, determined to do some good. Pencil and brush pen

Monday, February 23, 2009

another journal.

I am expected to write down what I do every day in this book. The habit hasn't been sticking very well. Pen, pencil and brush pen.

Book 7

Three men on the train

Dozing on the train. Pencil and Pitt brush pen

Dozing on the train. Lots of peole do that. Proportionately more people get imortalized in my books by sleeping than by doing something interesting. Pen and Pencil.

Actually, he was not on the train after all. The post should be called, "Two men on the train and one who wasn't". This was an old man at the York Farmers' Market on Yonge Street, north of Steeles. Or Cosco. I forget. And it's not all that important. We record things to record them, not to inform.

Marker, coloured pencil and wax lumber marking crayon. (like a Crayola, but fatter, made of harder wax and as far as I know, onlhy available in yellow.)

Book 7

commuters and shoppers

Pencil, pen and coloured pencils.
Pencil and coloured pencils and pen

Book 7

Parking Meter

pen and coloured pencils.

Book 7

Sunday, February 22, 2009

2 in Remembrance

Selling poppies at the North York Farmers' Market. Pencil, coloured pencils, brush pen, red ball point pen. Red ball point pens create a very sharp, intense red, layers thick, dark and liquid. But it takes time to get there.

He was in a wheel chair. It was cold. Pen, pencil, marker, coloured pencils.

Book 7


On the train. Pencil, pen, coloured pencils

Book 7

Moody, A bit.

Media buffer

This is my street. Pencil, Pitt brush pen and smudgyness

Media buffer

The Hotel in the Middle of Nowhere, as seen from the COSTCO parking lot on an overcast day, sometime towards sundown. Pencil, pen, Pitt brush pen, coloured pencils and clear wax.

Book 7

Green and Red Ladies

Ink pencil and fluorescent highlighter pens. She be green. face from the GO train.

brush pen & conte pencil.

Book #7

Drawings From Our Commute.

My wife and I have been taking the train to and from work lately. This leave me with time waiting for the train in the mornings and evenings. Across the streen from where we park the car there are a number of industrial and construction equipment storage yards.

Langstaff. ink and coloured pencils

Union Station Composite Passers by. Rush hour at Union station is a busy place. Standing still is like being a rock in a rushing stream. There's no time for more than a single glance at any one person. In the time it took to draw this many more than twenty people walked past, but that's how many times I glanced up to get a bit more info to put on the page.

Book #7

Scarborough Light Standard.

Brimley and Huntingwood. The strip mall near the sign shop in Scarborough, where I go and buy the occasional slice of pizza when I'm out there. Pencil, red ball point and fountain pen.

Chipped curb, worn line painting. Parking lot in Richvale. Faber Castell brush pen.

Book #7

At York U.

Brush pen and coloured pencils. He was with his family, a member of which was convocating.

Book #7

3 Diamond Hat.

The hat was purlple and yellow. Other colours are not necessarily accurate. His skin may have been less grey, but the light was sharp and autumn afternoon-crisp. Pencil, coloured pencil, coloured marker and yellow hi-lighter.

Book #7

today's pics

Pole at Langstaff between Yonge and Bayview.

Book 7