Wednesday, March 29, 2006

The Three Amigo-Bots

The back-story so far...

The main character is ESR-A (Engineer Sanitary Robotic -Type A) a robot who started out as a military Artificial Intelligence experiment gone wrong, and was eventually sold off to a civic sanitation department as a robotic garbage man. He develops emotional attachments to discarded appliances and tries to rescue them. This doesn't go down well with the sanitation department and they want to scrap him, so he runs away and becomes a renegade robotic garbage man/Don Quixote's/My Favorite Martian type. He is not well made, his parts don't fit well and he's not running on all transistors. he has some rather remarkable capabilities from his "Army Days" but they are iffy at best and sort of underwhelming.

The foil is a robotic garbage can named Poubelle Libre, who is a female self-loading garbage can/Sancho Panza on wheels. I'm thinking the techs on her development team might have thought they were designing a self-loathing garbage can. She has run off and become a renegade also. She hooks up with the hero and helps him rescue appliances.

The antagonist is GLRR-BIN. a robot with a similar history to our hero's, but is even less well designed and less clever. He is very ungainly, ugly as all getout. He was designed as a paper shredding Bot to find and destroy sensitive documents and other refuse, but he is slow and dim. His one remarkable bright spot is unintended and unfortunate. He chews up documents and excretes lists. He was at some point tasked to to capture and destroy the hero, but was so inept that he was to be scrapped also. He joins the hero and Poubelle, but is always on the verge of turning them in. He is too much of a conformist to truly rebel. GLRR-BIN is basically a walking box. He looks and is powerful, but the power is useless. His massive arms are not capable of lateral movements and are only for lifting paper and small objects to his huge rectangular, paper-shredding mouth and his powerful legs are short stubby little things with no articulation. He is not capable of speed or movement on irregular surfaces. Stairs will be a challenge.

They live in a "mixed use" nieghbourhood on a residential street. The view out the back of their home is of industrial buildiings and a distant city scape. Their house is the one under the high tension power lines. It is a small factory building or somethng like a railway switching tower. They live there in hiding, although only nominally so. ESR-A occasionally has to disguise himself, and they have to keep an eye out for Sanitation Department inspectors. The yard is littered with broken appliances. most nieghbours are blasé but there is at least one Mrs Kravitz (or Mr.). they need to deal with from time to time.

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