Thursday, September 08, 2005

Life Drawing And a Beer (or two)

WE have been attending an informal figure drawing class at the Gladstone Hotel, in the "Art Bar" (so called because of the weekly figure drawing classes, ongoing since 1968). We buy ourselves a beer, then sit in the company of some really quite accomplished artists and draw.

This has become something My wife and I look forward to: Two and a half hours of 2, 3, 5, 7 and 10 minute poses. I hadn't been drawing like that for many years, and at first anything under 5 minutes seemed like and impossibly short amount of time to turn out anything that wasn't embarrassing. Even 10 minutes was too short. Now, after a few months, 10 minutes almost seems to drag.

I'm still very rusty with the heads and faces... So,naturally, in the guise of artistic licence, I've been leaving them off.

I'll try to work up to it.



InnocentBystander said...

Beautiful. Just beautiful. I thought about being life model once or twice.

I'm sure curvy enough to make it interesting.

SDC said...

Yo. Wandered over here from coolrunning. I am enjoying the drawings (not just the nudie ones) and photos, nice blog.