Friday, August 19, 2005

The Fabriano Classic Artist's Journal

In October, 2003, my wife bought us each a 6 1/4" X 8 5/16" sketch book. 192 pages of a very nice, slightly toothy Fabriano drawing paper. Cartiere Milani Fabriano was founded in 1282, in Fabriano, Italy and is the oldest paper mill in Europe. They are credited with inventing the process of embedding watermarks in paper and gelatin sizing to make paper more receptive to ink and paint and more stable as a medium for documents. I could mention at this point that my wife and I share a delight in the texture, weight and feel of a really good paper.
makes some of the best.

The vary first thing I did was draw a title page. After that I was a little hesitant
to draw in it. It invites sketching. Doodling even, yet I didn't want to sully the pages with - Just anything.

Recently, though I have been taking the book with me every where I go and drawing in it if I have some time on my hands. This started when my wife was working late and I'd drive downtown or to the bus stop to pick her up. I'd draw what ever was in front of me while I waited. I began to carry a variety of drawing supplies as well.

I try to do a drawing a day in it. In
reality I manage 3 or 4 a week. More so since I started going off during my lunches to draw.

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