Monday, April 02, 2007

The Miscreant:

Introducing The Miscreant:

(logo will show Miscreant stepping out of the red circle)

There is a man with a purpose.
And that purpose is to serve as a bad example to us all.

The Miscreant... Don't do what he does.

Episode #1
OK, Here's how it goes:
The veil is lifted.... Covers are torn back and the lid's blown off, as we dig deep under the opaque layers of bureaucracy for an insider's view of life in a fast-paced government sign shop. Welcome to.... The Dept of Rules and Stuff. (image of office with dafting boards and computers. workers with feet on desks reading or asleep with heads on their desks.)

Miscreant shows up for work - late, causing much commotion. Dis-ordered sheafs of paper under one arm.

Boss scowls - Receptionist with a crush swoons when The Miscreant is mouthy to boss. (Oh, alright... Some of this might be a little fictional.)

The Miscreant has a photo session for new sign. A model poses in circle for photographers and artists while Miscreant directs. (Sign is DO NOT SLEEP ON ROADWAY) proofs are sent around for approvals, there is an after-party. After work, Miscreant goes drinking - gets soused, trespasses into railway ROW and is run over by a train.

Next day he shows up for work. Late - Calls a meeting where he presents a proposal for a new sign....

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