Sunday, June 04, 2006

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More items in progress

I was in my little painting nook with the camera last night. These are the paintings I've got on the go. The light wasn't the best. The images looked better on my laptop than they to on the this one (Our other PC). Almost all of these are incomplete. I'll post progress pictures from time to time.

(fixed the colours somewhat.)

Gareth, early days in War of 1812 reenacting.

Needs about another 4 hours work.

Glenn Beauchamps working on the Lancaster, bracing the fuselage.
This and the next two are part of what may end up as a series of people working.

Hands of a graphics installer applying a vinyl wrap.

Man with hoist. (Lancaster work)

What it looks like

box in the livingroom ceiling.

Used turps Jar.
done, I think

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