Friday, January 27, 2006

The First 11 Pages

About 5 days into the New Year I finished the first Fabriano sketchbook. 192 drawings on 7" X 9" paper - I think about three were scrapped and cut out of the book and two pages were just used for testing media. You can read a little about the first book in the third post in this blog.

, these are the first 11 drawings in the new book.

#1 Frontice
#2 Curtain Up At The Bloor,
#3 copy from Daumier.
#4 same
#5 Parking Lot At Loblaws.
#6 North York Centre
#7 The Tall Guy In Front, Bloor Cinema
#8 Elizabeth Street, (this is where I wait for deirdre when I go to pick her up after work.
#9 Elizabeth Street Parking Meter,
#10 Supper At Te Drake. (Waiting for
my order to come.)
#11 North York Centre Tower (De Chirico Comes To North York)

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